Full list of publications by Jeffrey KOTYK (December 2023)

Academic Articles (Peer-Reviewed)


———. 2023. “Chinese Lunar Stations and Indian Nakṣatras in the Sui and Tang Periods.” Religions 14, no. 10: 1276. Special issue: The Interaction of Daoist, Buddhist and Confucian Thinkers in the Sui and Early Tang Dynasty, edited by Friederike Assandri. [DOI] [Link]


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———. 2022. “Astronomy and Calendrical Science in Early Mikkyō in Japan: Challenges and Adaptations.” Religions 13, no. 5: 458 [1–20]. Special issue: Aspects of Medieval Japanese Religion, edited by Bernard Faure and Andrea Castiglioni. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2021. “The Study of Sanskrit in Medieval East Asia: China and Japan.” Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies 4, no. 2: 240–273. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2021. “Examining Amoghavajra’s Flat-Earth Cosmology: Religious vs. Scientific Worldviews in Buddhist Astrology.” Studies in Chinese Religions 8: 203–220. [DOI] [Link]

———. 2021. “Kanyaku Abidaruma ni okeru uchūron to Sukuyōkyō” 漢訳アビダルマにおける宇宙論と『宿曜経』[Cosmology in Abhidharma Literature in Chinese Translation and the Xiuyao jing]. Taihō zasshi 対法雑誌 (The Journal of Abhidharma Studies) 2: 101–108. [DOI]


———. 2021. “Milk, Yogurt and Butter in Medieval East Asia: Dairy Products from China to Japan in Medicine and Buddhism.” Religions 12, no. 5: 302 [1–11]. Special issue: Chinese Influences on Japanese Religious Traditions, edited by Jeffrey L. Richey. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2020. “The Chinese Buddhist Approach to Science: The Case of Astronomy and Calendars.” Journal of Dharma Studies: Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture 3, no. 2: 273–289. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2020. “The Medieval Chinese Vision of Japan: Buddhist Perspectives in the Tang and Song Periods.” Studies in Chinese Religions 6, no. 4: 360–385. [DOI]


———. 2019. “Chinese and English Horoscopy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The Astrological Doctrines of the Twelve Houses and Lot of Fortune in Xingxue dacheng 星學大成 by Wan Minying 萬民英 (1521–1603) and Christian Astrology by William Lilly (1602–1681).” Brill’s International Journal of Divination & Prognostication 1: 3–35. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2019. “Chinese State and Buddhist Historical Sources on Xuanzang: Historicity and the Daci’en si sanzang fashi zhuan 大慈恩寺三藏法師傳.” T’oung Pao 通報 105: 513–544. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2019. “Indo-Iranian and Islamicate Sources of Astrological Medicine in Medieval China.” Asian Medicine: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine 14, no. 1: 30–55. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2019. “Research Note on Brahmanical Deities in Mikkyō Astrological Art.” Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University 4: 101–108. [DOI]


———. 2018. “Astrological Determinism in Indian Buddhism.” Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 41: 145–167. [DOI]


———. 2018. “Early Tantric Hemerology in Chinese Buddhism: Timing of Rituals According to Śubhakarasiṃha and Yixing.” Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies 13: 1–29. [Link]


———. 2018. “Japanese Buddhist Astrology and Astral Magic: Mikkyō and Sukuyōdō.” Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 45, no. 1: 37–86. [Link]


———. 2018. “Yixing and Pseudo-Yixing: A Misunderstood Astronomer-Monk.” Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 31: 1–37. [Link]


———. 2017. “Astrological Iconography of Planetary Deities in Tang China: Near Eastern and Indian Icons in Chinese Buddhism.” Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 30: 33–88. [Link]


———. 2017. “Iranian Elements in Late-Tang Buddhist Astrology.” Asia Major 30, no. 1: 25–58. [Link]


Book Chapters (Peer-Reviewed) 


———. 2023. “Planets and the Weekdays in the Japanese Buddhist Imagination: Examining the Kuyō hiryaku 九曜秘暦 (Secret Calendar of the Nine Planets).” In Imagining the Heavens across Eurasia from Antiquity to Early Modernity, eds. Rana Brentjes, Sonja Brentjes, and Stamatina Mastorakou, 235–248. Milano: Mimesis International.


———. 2021. “Celestial Deities in the Flat-Earth Buddhist Cosmos and Astrology.” In Intersections of Religion and Astronomy, eds. Chris Corbally, Darry Dinell, and Aaron Ricker, 36–43. New York: Routledge. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2017. “Can Monks Practice Astrology? Astrology and the Vinaya in China.” In Rules of Engagement: Medieval Traditions of Buddhist Monastic Regulation, eds. Susan Andrews, Jinhua Chen and Cuilan Liu, 503–517. Bochum, Freiburg: Projekt Verlag, Numata Center for Buddhist Studies. [Link]


Invited Studies (Editor-Reviewed)


———. 2023. “Lead (Pb) Products and Sino-Iranian Relations in Late Antiquity.” Annales Acta Academiae Scientiarum Instituti Bononiensis, Classis Scientiarum Moralium 1: 95–102.


———. 2023. “Reports of Japanese Monks in China Accounts in the Nittō guhō junrei kōki 入唐求法巡禮行記 [Record of Travel to the Tang in Search of the Dharma] by Ennin 圓仁 (794–864).” In From Jetavana to Jerusalem: Sacred Biography in Asian Perspectives and Beyond, Essays in Honour of Professor Phyllis Granoff, ed. Jinhua Chen, 645–656. Singapore: World Scholastic Publishers.


———. 2023. “The Birth of Christ and the Persian Gift Bearers in Medieval Chinese Sources.” Studi Iranici Ravennati IV: 129–139. [Link]


———. 2022. “Information on the Persian Calendar in the Wei shu 魏書 of 554.” In ABĒBĪM “Fearless”: Who Was Afraid of the End of the Millennium? New Approaches to the Interpretation of the Traditional Date of Zoroaster; with Contributions by Domenico Agostini, Jeffrey Kotyk, Paolo Ognibene, and Alessia Zubani, edited by Alessia Zubani, 209–222. Milano: Mimemsis Edizioni. [Link]


———. 2022. “The Moon as a Celestial Body and God in the Buddhist Worldview: From India to China.” In Worldmaking in East Asian Buddhism, eds. Jinhua Chen and Eugene Wang, 1–28. Singapore: World Scholastic Publishers. [Link]


———. 2021. “Horoscopy in Tang Daoist Astrology.” In Time in Daoist Practice: Cultivation and Calculation, edited by Livia Kohn, 84–102. Saint Petersburg, FL: Three Pines Press. [Link]


———. 2020. “Chinese State and Buddhist Historical Sources on Xuanzang: Historicity and the Daci’en si sanzang fashi zhuan 大慈恩寺三藏法師傳.” In From Chang’an to Nālandā: The Life and Legacy of the Chinese Buddhist Monk Xuanzang (602?–664), eds. Shi Ciguang, Chen Jinhua, Ji Yu and Shi Xingding, 270–310. Singapore: World Scholastic Publishers. Invited republication of 2019 article in T’oung Pao.


———. 2020. “La nascita di Cristo e i portatori di doni persiani nelle fonti cinesi medievali.” In I NOMI DEI MAGI EVANGELICI: Considerazioni storico-linguistiche e storico-religiose intorno ai nomi dei Magi. Prolegomena ad un Namenbuch. Con contributi di Andrea Gariboldi, Jeffrey Kotyk, Paolo Ognibene e Alessia Zubani, eds. Antonio Panaino and Paolo Ognibene, 113–130. Milano: Mimesis Edizioni. Translated into Italian by Alessia Zubani. [Link]


———. 2020. “On the Identification and Use of ānxī-xiāng 安息香/安悉香/安西香 in Medieval China.” In Quaderni di Studi Indo-Mediterranei XII: FOR THE CENTENNIAL OF BERTHOLD LAUFER’S CLASSIC SINO-IRANICA (1919), Sino-Iranica’s Centennial, Between East and West, Exchanges of Material and Ideational Culture, edited by Ephraim Nissan, 519–526. Milano: Mimemsis Edizioni. [Link]


———. 2016. “Kanjiken no bungaku ni okeru saihō-senseijutsu no yōso: tōzai bunka kōryū ni okeru Bukkyō no yakuwari.” 漢字圏の文学における西方占星術の要素:東西文化交流における仏教の役割 [Elements of Occidental Astrology in Literature of the Sinosphere: a Role of Buddhism in Eurasian Cultural Exchange]. Bukkyō bungaku kenkyū 佛教文學研究 19: 85–110. [Link]




——. 2021. Analaysis of the Middle and Extremes. BDK English Tripiṭaka Series. Peer-reviewed introduction and translation of Bian zhongbian lun 辯中邊論 (Madhyāntavibhāga-bhāṣya). Taishō 1600. In Analysis of the Middle and Extremes; The Scripture on the Monk Nāgasena, eds. Charles A. Muller and Kenneth Tanaka, 1–103. Moraga: BDK America, Inc. Peer-reviewed. [Link]


Encyclopedia Entries


———. 2019. “Tejaprabhā.” In Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism, Volume II: Lives, edited by Jonathan A. Silk, 612–615. Leiden: Brill. Peer reviewed. [DOI]


———. 2019. “Yixing.” In Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism, Volume II: Lives, edited by Jonathan A. Silk, 800–805. Leiden: Brill. Peer reviewed. [DOI]


———. 2018. “Buddhist Astrology.” In Astrology through History: Interpreting the Stars from Ancient Mesopotamia to the Present, ed. William Burns, 61–66. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio. [Link]


Book Reviews


———. 2022. Review of A Walk through the Iranian Heavens: Spherical and Non­Spherical Cosmographic Models in the Imagination of Ancient Iran and Its Neighbors by Antonio Panaino. Aestimatio 3, no. 1: 127–133. Invited review. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2021. Review of Cultural Astronomy of the Japanese Archipelago: Exploring the Japanese Skyscape by Akira Goto. Monumenta Nipponica 76, no. 2: 363–366. Invited review. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2021. Review of Goddess on the Frontier: Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in Southwest China by Megan Bryson. Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies 4, no. 1: 397–403. Invited review. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2021. Review of The Jewel of Annual Astrology: A Parallel Sanskrit-English Critical Edition of Balabhadra’s Hāyanaratna by Martin Gansten. Indo-Iranian Journal 64, no. 4: 387–391. Invited review. [DOI] [Link]


———. 2020. Review of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism: Amoghavajra, the Ruling Elite, and the Emergence of a Tradition by Geoffrey C. Goble. H-Buddhism, H-Net Reviews. Invited review. [Link]


———. 2019. Review of Esoteric Astrology: Japanese Sukuyōdō & Indian Astrology by Yano Michio, translated by Bill M. Mak. Brill’s International Journal of Divination & Prognostication 1: 143–155. Invited review. [DOI] [Link]


Other Contributions


———. 2021. “Dairy: The Deep Historical Link Between China and Japan.” 24 June. The China Story Project (Australian Centre on China in the World). [Link]


———. 2020. “Autumn Canadian Conferences.” Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies 15: 185–191. [Link]


———. 2018. “The Sinicization of Indo-Iranian Astrology in Medieval China.” Sino-Platonic Papers 282: 1–95. [Link]